Thinomenon is committed to building a vast and strong ecosystem of partners complementing its offering and relying on Thinomenon to build their businesses. In turn, our success is built on the partnerships we establish with software, hardware and services providers.

The Thinomenon Partner Program offers four types of partnerships that offer companies of every size and complementary product or service the opportunity to grow.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners offer software or hardware solutions that complement or utilize Thinomenon desktop virtualization solutions.

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Channel Partners

Resellers who focus on selling software and/or hardware. Offer complete solutions to customers by including Thinomenon desktop virtualization products.

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Professional Services

Companies offering an in-depth, broad range of solutions and services, from implementation to training, on top of Thinomenon’s virtualization software.

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Service Providers

Application hosting companies, managed services providers and ISVs offering on-demand Windows desktop and application hosting servicing, virtualized desktop infrastructure services and software-as-a-service to their customers on a subscription model.

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