Access Suite

Thinomenon Access Suite 2.0 is a complete desktop and application access/delivery platform compatible with terminal services, physical and virtual computers. Virtualizing business desktops with Thinomenon Access Suite provides organizations with secure, manageable, on-demand access to business applications from any device and any location.

Access Suite Chart
Thinomenon Access Suite allows IT departments to provide end-users with secure access to business applications regardless of users physical location. Thinomenon Access Suite decouples office desktops from hardware, making it an ideal platform for telecommuting. Organizations where IT departments decide to go further can eliminate computer workstations altogether replacing them with virtual desktops accessed through inexpensive dumb terminals known as thin clients.

Thinomenon Access Suite is compatible with three Windows desktop models running on the back-end:

  • Windows Terminal Services,
  • Virtual Desktops hosted on hardware virtualization servers (VDI), and
  • Physical Computers such as Blade PCs.