Driver Pack

Thinomenon Driver Pack 3.0 enhances Mirosoft Remote Desktop Protocol with best-in-class audio, printer and scanner redirection and API virtualization. Driver Pack is compatible with terminal services (SBC/RDS) as well as VDI deployment models and works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X clients.

Driver Pack chart
Thinomenon Driver Pack extends Microsoft RDP protocol with advanced perephiral devices redirection and API virtualization, closing the gap in Microsoft remote access platform. Thinomenon Driver Pack requires no management and can be deployed in a matter of minutes. It is compatible with PCs, laptops and inexpensive dumb terminals known as thin clients.

Thinomenon Driver Pack is compatible with three Windows desktop models running on the back-end:

  • Windows Terminal Services,
  • Virtual Desktops hosted on hardware virtualization servers (VDI), and
  • Physical Computers such as Blade PCs.